_MG_3851_ppSorry for drifting into a sleepy silence here; I am just so busy at the moment!! I hope those of you on instagram might be connected to me over there, as I am posting images from my shoots into its beautiful square world daily (often multiple times); it seems to be my new thing! 🙂 >>> HERE <<< is my instagram account, if you’d like to click on through.

And once you’ve followed me on that account, you are also welcome to additionally follow (/spy on) the highly important escapades of Sir Fluffalot, my unbeatably majestic and wise rescue cat who approaches the world with disdain and disappointment, even while receiving ten meals per day and much adoration. Oh, and while I’m at it; here’s my domestic-goddess account(!), where I post my healthy vegan cooking (with follow-along recipes; I’m haphazardly inclusive, see), as it’s one of my many loves. I post there to share my food creations but also just because I have the worst memory in the world (all hail my paper diary, without which my entire world would crumble!) and like to be able to scroll through and re-create things I’ve made before sometimes! Anyway…. just thought I’d get all the plugs in at once, in celebration of my officially-split-personality when it comes to instagram…

Elsewhere, I am still blogging profusely and over-sharing inappropriately, tapping out my deepest thoughts on the world willy-nilly, philosophising and sometimes even making sense over here.

OK, back to business…

The images below are from two shoots with Jimmy McCracken earlier this year. Unfortunately the weather in the Isle of Skye was not kind to us and we were confined to a domestic sort of environment in which to create some images, but it was a lovely cottage – so isolated and peaceful and the scenery is so wonderful there (obviously!).

_MG_3757_pp_MG_3771_pp_MG_3793 (2)_pp_MG_3890_pp_MG_3963_pp

…And these next few are from a quick studio shoot prior to the Scottish adventure; taken at my new local, which I highly recommend if anyone would like to book me (ask for info; it’s a great big space, excellent value and run by a lovely owner! It’s also only 15 minutes by car from my favourite enormous ancient woodland, so perfect for a combo of indoor/outdoor shooting!):

_MG_3192_pp - Copia_MG_3139_pp_MG_3131_pp_MG_3203

Back soon! (Here, there and everywhere..!) Hope everyone is wonderfully well.

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