Attenborough meets nude model

I’m about to fly to Australia. The last time I was in Queensland, Adam Hauldren and I wound our way to this famous curtain fig tree. A fellow Brit somehow surviving upside-down living on a permanent basis (must be awful living with all that sunshine..), he kept me entertained with a spontaneous (and rather impressive) Attenborough impression (see behind-the-scenes vid I posted on facebook hereย for some of it!!), and when the time was right (i.e. when we felt particularly rebellious and I dared to climb the fence, take my clothes off and very quickly and unobtrusively pose by this absolute honour of a tree, he took some photos over about 3 minutes in total, I would imagine. I, of course, felt hugely privileged to encounter such a place and treated it with respect as always (in general, for example, I always make sure not to trample wildflowers, when posing, or snap twigs – I bend them gently away instead if needed and blow gently at spiders or reason with them rather than do them any harm…). Here, I just stood briefly in the majesty of this enormous, spectactular and ancient tree, and felt the journeys of glorious roots at my feet. So wonderful. Thank you Adam for detouring us to this magical place!

Below the images of me at the curtain fig are a few of the infra-red portraits he took earlier that week. Infra-red + very little make up = brilliant, ghostly, etheral, other-worldliness. I think I look quite spooky! Aren’t the leaves lovely? And you can see all my veins! So cool.

Hope you like these! I’m sending out a newsletter over the next week with updates on all my antics and some upcoming travel tour dates, so please do sign up if you haven’t already. Filling in that quick form is the best way of making sure I send you a direct email when next visiting your area, too, and is a new system that surpasses all previous attempts at systems I have made over the years. (Can you believe I’ve been modelling all over this planet for nearly a decade? What a bizarre and wonderful way to spend time! Thanks for watching…)



Such precious memories. Thanks, Adam!

5 thoughts on “Attenborough meets nude model

  1. I viewed your photos before reading the text and thought to myself, “My God, I can see her veins – it gives the appearance of a marble statue!” Your commitment to your art, your reverence for life, and your sensitivity to all that matters in this world, are a gift. And it makes me all the more committed to sharing figurative art with the world, particularly in the U.S. – still struggling to “get it.” – And so now I don’t know which is my favorite – you posing before the Eiffel Tower or here, among the roots and tendrils of nature’s masterpiece!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this collaboration on your blog and saying such wonderful things about both myself and the experience in general. That day continues to be a high point of the trip for me, so thank you too ๐Ÿ˜˜


  3. Hi, Happened to stumble upon your web site via I just wanted to say thank you for your photos and sharing your traveling experiences. Just today, I picked up my DSLR and went to Yosemite (in California. About 2 hrs my home) to take some landscape photos. It had been awhile since I went out just to take some photos and pursue my photography hobby.
    It was interesting and fascinating to look at photos with curtain fig tree. Great job. I enjoyed the photos alot. Also, I hope to learn from your photos what made them so interesting and fascinating. (to be honest, I am still struggling with my skills in composition, proportion, etc.) Thank you so much for sharing the photos.

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