Mercy, Stoke, Butterfly Maiden

A real medley, here!

I’ve enjoyed quite a few shoots with photographer James Hall, over the last year or so, and here are some of his results. We’ve got everything from an image depicting Judith and Holofernes (featuring wonderful male model Joel Hicks, and which, to me looks somehow reminsicent of a Bollywood film poster – I did feel terribly guilty killing my co-model for the shot, but Joel is dedicated to his art and took one for the team), to me as ‘butterfly maiden’, some simple nudes and portraits, a striking nude with male model Tim, and some classic art (Rembrandt) inspired duo work with Ivory Flame (including one shot that, to me, looks straight out of a scene from Pride and Prejudice). There is also one image featuring both Tim and Joel, amusingly titled (by James) ‘Mercy protecting Stoke’! Stoke is James’ neck of the woods, but it’s hard to know how effective my protection was. 🙂

Working with James is always interesting and lots of fun, as he tends to have a specific vision which we then improvise around. It’s great to work with so much variety!

Ella Rose - 2018-06164Ella Rose - 2018-06167Ella Rose - 2018-06168Ella Rose - 2018-06170Ella Rose - 2018-06209
Styling by Claudiajudith-and-holofernes-v5-masterNude Study 589Nude Study 591Pipeworks 509Rembrandt 423Renaissance 252Renaissance 268Styling by Suki Miles.

The Dying of the Lightthumbnail_Mercy Protecting Stokethumbnail_Nude Duo - MasterVirgin 410


Thanks, James! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mercy, Stoke, Butterfly Maiden

  1. I really like the photo where you have the knife. I don’t recall seeing that type of look from you. Very intense. Keep showing that range.


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