Swords & Stares

You might not want to mess with me after seeing my ‘Judith’ side… (It’s been put into commission a couple of times recently!) Yes, even someone as serene & pacifist as me can quite enjoy wielding a sword, now and then…

Thought I’d share a few photos from a shoot in June with Ross of Posbrook Pics. I really enjoyed working with him, and how he took his time to get the results he was after. He came with a theme in mind (Judith of biblical fame; as wiki tells us: ‘She uses her charm to become an intimate friend of Holofernes, but finally beheads him allowing Israel to counter-attack the Assyrians’) and then we did a bit of extra experimentation at the end for some classical nudes.

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Set square

Today (because I like to keep you guessing): some images by the wonderful Paul Jefferey (I think this was our fifth shoot together) taken in a working woodworker’s workshop… Despite all the ‘work’ in that last sentence, we had lots of fun making use of various things we found in there and I think Paul wished he’d booked more time as we had plenty we still wanted to try.

So cool to mess around in different settings and locations. I love it when people put a very classical figure (moi) against something rather unexpected!

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Mercy, Stoke, Butterfly Maiden

A real medley, here!

I’ve enjoyed quite a few shoots with photographer James Hall, over the last year or so, and here are some of his results. We’ve got everything from an image depicting Judith and Holofernes (featuring wonderful male model Joel Hicks, and which, to me looks somehow reminsicent of a Bollywood film poster – I did feel terribly guilty killing my co-model for the shot, but Joel is dedicated to his art and took one for the team), to me as ‘butterfly maiden’, some simple nudes and portraits, a striking nude with male model Tim, and some classic art (Rembrandt) inspired duo work with Ivory Flame (including one shot that, to me, looks straight out of a scene from Pride and Prejudice). There is also one image featuring both Tim and Joel, amusingly titled (by James) ‘Mercy protecting Stoke’! Stoke is James’ neck of the woods, but it’s hard to know how effective my protection was. 🙂

Working with James is always interesting and lots of fun, as he tends to have a specific vision which we then improvise around. It’s great to work with so much variety!

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Babe in the woods?

Hi everyone! Thought I’d share some images from a recent shoot in the ancient woodland here in Oxfordshire, taken by the brilliant Bokehlicious. I’d modelled for him before, years ago, and was actually the one that suggested this shoot as I had an idea in mind.

I’ve seen a lot of outdoor lingerie shoots over the years that look beautiful, but also a lot that just look a bit odd, i.e. ‘Why would she be outdoors in her underwear?’ It can seem a bit incongruous and I’m personally more keen on images which have a sense of narrative (even if a nebulous one!). You could argue the same about nudes (‘why would she be outdoors without any clothes on? What’s going on here?’) but, for me, nudes have always been instinctively natural. That probably doesn’t make much sense, but there you go!

Anyway, I LOVE lingerie and have a huge collection so it’s something I’d like to remember to shoot more of. I have a very natural, classical look and didn’t go for a full-on ‘glamour’ vibe with these, more something that straddles ‘commercial-ish’ and ‘romantic’, maybe.

Which (if any) are your favourites?

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Colour gels & Dreams

I was lucky enough to have had two shoots last year with photographer Owen Lloyd – first in August at Atlas Studios, as part of an event organised by Nicole Rayner which brought us together along with Ivory Flame for a ‘trio’ day at the brilliant (but very filthy) industrial indoor location. Owen was one of the photographers attending the day and got some amazing images, then in December he booked me at Sandon Studio in Staffordshire, where we made the most of a few of its atmospheric sets (and I half-froze to death due to the heating not being on there, despite Owen doing a great job of hauling mini heaters around with us from room to room!). I’m convinced our third shoot might be both warm and clean (though I’d better not jinx it..!). 🙂

Owen is a total pleasure to model for as he really takes his time with his lighting and is very experimental and creative. I find photographers often apologise incessantly to me when they feel they’re taking too long setting up lights, as though I they might think I’d feel my time is being wasted somehow, but really it’s completely normal to keep tweaking things until you get the results you’re after, and if there was a choice, I’d far rather a photographer faffed for much of the shoot and got some amazing images by the end, than shoot ten thousand images without stopping to check, only realising later that they would have been improved by pausing to assess the results as we went along and making some simple changes to the angle/intensity/effect of the lights.

[Interlude for announcement… (drum roll)… Those of you on my mailing list will know I’m now planning a big tour of the US/Canada for next year. It’ll be a whistle-stop tour of quite a few places, and a huge job to organise, hence me taking bookings already, 10 months in advance. Send me an email (ellarosemuse@live.co.uk or via the contact form here on the website) if you’d like more info!]

With enormous thanks to Owen, whose use of colour I adore:

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Shoreline Drone; Lilting Lullabies

Zoe Wiseman has been a great person to know over the years – she has created the most wonderful gathering, Zoefest, which brings together a group of photographers and models in a different location each time (Mexico, California and Australia are among those I’ve attended). It’s always a week of intense creativity and the connections made between models as well as photographers has been a highlight of my modelling vocation over the last decade, so I feel really grateful to have been invited so many times.

Here are some of her images of me taken in Noosa, Australia in November.

Zoe and her musician husband, Charlie Clouser, drove us to the beach where Zoe flew a drone and captured these amazing seascapes with me being washed up and around the shoreline over and over again. It was such a surreal experience – I actually lost some hearing over the next few days (oops!) and had no real control over my posing as the water just kept taking me and flowing my limbs around. It felt a bit womb-like. Everyone should try it. Also, don’t the results look a bit like we shot on a watery moon? 🙂 So cool.

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Noosa Greens & Blooms

It was absolutely wonderful to meet New Zealander and ex-farmer Bill Irwin (and his lovely and creative wife, Cherie) when I was in Australia most recently in November. He’d been in touch for a long time hoping to photograph me and even kindly sent me a calendar of his brilliant photography of NZ landscapes hoping to entice me over (I’ve actually already been to NZ and was in awe of the scenery there, but this trip was pre-modelling days and it certainly made me want to go back… NZ modelling trip still pending..!). I’m so glad our paths finally managed to cross. As is the magic of the internet, we finally got together at Zoefest in Noosa. I really enjoyed shooting with Bill and absolutely love so many of his results – I’ve shared a few on instagram already but it’s nice to put the collection in one place here on my blog.

We did a few shoots in the end. One just outside Bill’s accommodation, using some body jewellery Bill and Cherie had brought. I loved channelling some slight bellydancer vibes for these, and felt like an amazonian warrior of some kind, among those gorgeous fresh leaves.

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