Bedroom Glamour

Sorry for letting that last post run a while, but in between a brilliant trip to Germany’s Black Forest as well as a great little trip to the Manchester/Stockport area, I wanted to allow the news of the new book to take precedence for a while here in my little online space. 🙂 However, my desktop is BURSTING with new images from various people which I can’t wait to show on here, so… onwards!

It was lovely to hear from Tony Ornstien, a photographer I have worked with quite a few times but hadn’t seen in a while, a few weeks ago and recently I went over to his and his wife Jennifer’s wonderful, mad house (it is crammed with enormous, intriguing art, and built like a ‘train carriage’, which means you walk through a seemingly endless stream of differently-styled rooms all in one direction). I was booked for another dose of photography, since Jennifer requested some new art for their walls. It’s always fun to work with this duo, and Tony wanted to create some natural, intimate, relaxed, elegant bedroom (‘boudoir’, maybe) scenes. This style is intimate, and somehow classical and retro at once, and the atmostphere is vaguely similar to the image I have down the side of my blog here, ‘Bis’ by Pamela Hanson, which I (obviously) love. Liberated and friendly and natural. We found that the trick was to act, move and actually perform the particular movements or mini-narratives, rather than pose stiffly in a scene, and there was a lot of silliness involved.

The final set was the ultimate in multi-tasking at the end of a shoot; clearing up my things and modelling at the same time… 🙂 I am pleased with many of these (and there are a lot of shots – trying to decide on one or two favourites for my website!) and I hope to visit Tony and Jennifer again sometime soon!

P.S. To the person/bot who keeps trying to spam my old posts with vacuous automated comments about how ‘informative’ and ‘well put together’ my content is, and then suggesting I take a look at their loans website, please kindly fuck off. If you knew how strongly I felt about people who make money through interest, you’d understand how liberally I am deleting your ridiculous attempts to advertise your probably-virus-filled evil website through my ART blog.

‘Mean Moody and Magnificent Muse in Montmartre at Midnight’ (post macaroon)

(Blog title courtesy of photographer…:-))

Hello! I got back from my German/Dutch trip to Dusseldorf, Nijmegen and Amsterdam yesterday. It was a very productive time and I managed to sightsee a lot between appointments too! I enjoyed getting back to my german roots in Dusseldorf, and really really love Amsterdam in particular, where I spent a whole week dodging stag dos and taking roughly nine million snapshots of the unbelievably pretty canals, visiting the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, the tulip museum – very sweet; and I was lucky to be detoured by one photographer to see the vast swathes of rainbow tulips growing happily and stripily in a field on the way to a shoot – another photographer drove us via a windmill, so my dutch experience was complete! I also went to the Anne Frank House, which I found almost unbearably moving and heart breaking; I walked around on the verge of tears and in awe of what a wonderful man Otto Frank is/was. The literary talent of Anne Frank is amazing, too, and I wish we could have seen what she could have produced if she’d lasted just a few more weeks until liberation. Other highlights included the ‘Katten Kabinet’ – a canal house turned into a museum devoted solely to the depiction in art of cats throughout history. To top off that visual pleasure, asleep on the ticket desk as you enter lay a tabby, as though trained specifically for the purpose of easing the hearts of tourists missing their own animal kinds… This wonderful visit prompted my boyfriend to link me to this utterly brilliant video, featuring the hilarious french cat ‘Henri’ (full of ennui) considering the nature of his existence…. Watch it!

Modelling adventures on this trip included modelling in a box, in a cupboard, modelling with no limbs, modelling with two taxidermied ferrets (who I named Alexander and Margaret) and other such beauteous events, making for some interesting shots ranging from the very simple to the very quirky. I will be showing some images from the 12 days soon. But first…

I was lucky enough to be whisked away to Paris by Jeremy Howitt last month. We’ve worked together many, many times now and had been thinking about working in Paris for a while. It’s really nice to be considered for such a trip – Jeremy has been inspired by  Parisian photography and I just absolutely love the place, and having worked together so often we knew it would work well. It’s a real compliment to be chosen for a big project, and a testament to the coolness of an ongoing and successful working relationship. 🙂

Jeremy cooked up a plan for french travelogue-style shots, some hotel-room lingerie and these shots below; loosely Brassai/Helmut Newton-inspired. In practise, modelling in such a very busy part of the city was not at all easy, and took a bit of bravery (and the ability to stay wrapped up warm until the very last second, then undress in a nano-second then shoot fast for 3/4 mins between the streams of couples casually strolling up and down the stairs), but we both think these shots are worth the effort! Jeremy did 99% of the styling for the trip, which consisted mostly of very elegant, chic and sophisticated clothing in black and white. Here I’m wearing a ‘halterneck skirt’, some wonderfully dangerous high heels, and a sheer body underneath, avec gloves. We used the lamplight, a limited pool of glow.

My favourites from this set – a brief part of the trip:

Jeremy’s decided he’d like to develop this particular theme (streets at night) with me in a couple of months when we will be re-visiting Paris (and checking out the current Helmut Newton exhibition) in part deux.

…And I’ll blog some shots we took during the day times very soon.

Silk in the Dark

I really love the style of these ‘boudoir’ shots, which seem to cover ground somewhere between ‘hollywood’ and ‘victoriana’. I love the effect of the soft, illuminated silk against the darkness around the frame.

…Voila some ‘retro’, elegant and slightly mysterious glamour. (Photographs taken by Barry Barker; you can see some more of our work previously blogged here):

Some fashion-y bits from Pierus

Hhhm. How many photos are too many for a single blog post? I always post too many (it’s definitely true that there is more impact when a viewer sees fewer shots per set), and I might even learn one day to post more selectively, but since this blog is my designated place free of such rules and limits, I shall continue to overflood the area. On the plus side, maybe it shows that I can get a lot done in one relatively short shoot… (And not that I’m just really indecisive.) Yeah, I’ll go with that.

Photography by Pierus, from a recent trip to Cambridge. Muchos appreciation to him for kindly sending these!

The last one reminds me somehow of an actor’s shot.

And since I’m here… Here are some of the nudes we did as well – nice, simple shapery with lovely fine-detail lighting:

The Gypsy’s Jewels

This was 100% a mutual collaboration; I’m swathed in silks, flowing skirts, sparkling beads, heavy pendants, heavy bangles, feathers, intricate masks and jingle jangles (I had no time to be selective and brought sackfuls of clothes/accessory joy, while Holly had laid out all her best adornery on her bed, ready for my arrival; seriously, between us we could host a pretty impressive treasure shop!!!). I stood in the piercing prickles of some beautiful sun-lit reed heads. It was blimmin’ cold, that day, and I was in a massive rush and definitely clock-watching a little bit, having not fully packed for a backpacking trip I was departing for the next morning. This wasn’t the first time I’d modelled for Holly (I think it was the fourth. See Winter Portraits and Gemini). Check out her portfolio on Model Mayhem: Jewelled Earth.

Herding Cats

Everything was in place, and still the camera was lowered from the photographer’s eye.

Zoe: Stephanie. Ella. What are you two doing?

Me (calling down from the top of the steps): Just kinda, ya know, making shapes together…?

Zoe: No.

Stephanie and I: No?

Zoe: Uh-uh. (Shakes head.)

Stephanie and I: Oh. OK then. Normal posing (less symmetrical; less comical/excitable) is resumed. Results below. (….I loooove these pictures. How cool to get all of us models in the same place at the same time in front of a lens, to commemorate what a fun and productive week we had. Zoe Wiseman, woman extraordinaire, rolling around all over the floor, legs improbably askew as she took these, did such a fantastic job of organising things and I’m so happy to have worked with her. All the ladies in the images below are wonderful people and talented models I was excited to meet, and come from all over the world (I’m the only one from England, representin’!). You might want to click the images to enlarge them!)

Later on, I worked twice with Zoe one-to-one, wandering around the grounds of our accommodation. The heat was intense, so the photography was punctuated by dips in the pool. Each set was very quick, with a lot of moving around and finding new places as we went along. You can read what Zoe said about things here, over on her internationally-growing website,

In other news, I have fiiiiiinally got my brand new 2012 diary. This yearly ritual now requires the search for the perfect postcard to cellophane (yes, a verb now) onto the front, in light of the apparent lack of beautiful page-per-day diaries on the market. I found a good ‘un, you’ll be relieved to know, and will be scheduling in the many national/international trips I’ve been mulling over and scribbling down so far on loose bits of paper.