The Trees…

…They called me to go and model for Dave Aharonian, and what an honour it was! We were very excited to be able to make stuff together for his Rainforest Nudes project (see his incredible website if you happen to feel like being blown away). I just adore his technique and finishes; the pure quality of it needs to be seen in physical prints. We had 40 frames available and about 1.5 hours. Luckily everything just ‘clicked’. I hope you like these as much as I do.

Any favourites?!

Also, Dave took these on his iPhone a few mins before we left the house:

 …And, just to lower the tone a bit, here are some shots of me on the ferry (also iPhone-snapped – there’s just no escaping it, is there?), documenting the perils of long hair in strong winds. In the last one, I was actually being attacked by my own hair. Nice of Dave to help…

8 thoughts on “The Trees…

  1. My favorites are Ella6,8,11 and 19. The model (you) seems to be the most relaxed in those photos. For me, that makes the photos so much more appealing in a nature setting. (Welcome inside me head). I think the B&W iphone photos are gems. (Should I be saying “monochrome” these days?)


  2. Thanks for the verdict. I agree that relaxed, languid poses often work best in these settings. Yes, I think we should probably be saying 'monochrome'. 🙂


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