An Update from Guatemala!

Well hello lovely blog readers! I’ve had a few concerned emails asking if I’m still alive, and this is to say that indeed I am! Just thought I’d take a little time in the middle of my global gallavanting to update you all with some recent images, taken by the wonderful, kind hearted and generally excellent Ron Skei a couple of months ago. I currently have a Guatemalan boy sitting directly behind me, watching my every move (or rather, watching my every keyboard stroke). I have no idea why. Apparently I am fascinating. I hope when I upload the following images he isn’t scarred for life or, most importantly, doesn’t call the authorities… So wish me luck…

(…Just checked, and yep, he’s still here. Ha.)

OK, anyway… Here are a few shots we did together. I love them! Hope you approve and that this might tide my readers over until I return to more comfortable computing conditions in December!

I think the first shot is my favourite – I love the abstract body shape, as if I’ve just been washed up from the water. It was such a nice, relaxed shoot – we initially just thought we might go swimming pre-shoot, then ended up shooting at the beach too. The double exposure shots were also really fun! A perfect introduction to a very successful and enjoyable week of modelling, from which I hope to be able to show more results soon!

I will almost certainly be showing some images from my travels (my colourful snapshots!) once I’m home, on top of the modelling ones. I’m seeing some BEAUTIFUL things and having an amazing time, snorkelling with nurse sharks, seeing sea horses in the wild, liberating baby sea turtles, swimming through caves with Mayan skeletons inside, checking out ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins. If you’re a friend of mine on facebook you’ll also know that I recently lamented the lack of a photographer when I swam around beneath a hot waterfall a few days ago! I am so lucky. Every day is action packed! I’m also somehow learning spanish, presumably through some kind of gradual osmosis, necessitated by the complete lack of english-speaking people here (fair enough) and helped by a 12-day speed learning course I put on my kindle! I’ll be back in the UK in time for Christmas and available for plenty of bookings after that, as well as taking bookings for the European trips I’m arranging too. Just bear with me while I have limited internet access – I might be a little slow at replying to messages at the moment. They say a break from the internet is a good thing though, eh?

Back soon…

2 thoughts on “An Update from Guatemala!

  1. Welcome back! LOVE the images. Can't wait to see more, especially those of the Mayan and Aztec ruins. Oh, and did I say welcome back? 😉


  2. It's good thing to know you're updating as soon as possible. These photographs are great! monochrome style is one of my favorites in photography.
    I doubt the current boy behind you might be scarred, I bet he is very happy by now 😉 Who knows, perhaps when he grows up he could have a better approach on arts thanks to you. In the meantime be careful his mother doesn't surprise you uploading your work because some latin american women (specially at certain age) get nosy and make a big deal of such adult material. Usually they call “porn” everything relateed to nudity or provocative.
    Keep up the good work and have a safe trip back home!


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