(Some of) the many faces of 2018

I’m not doing a 2018 version of my usual ‘highlights from each shoot’ bumper post this year – simply because I have the work of precisely 70 photographers I’ve modelled for this year that I’m yet to share! (What can I say – it’s been a busy one even by my standards!!!) So I’m keeping calm and carrying on, and doubling up this blog post to show the work of TWO photographers I worked with this year, with the theme of ‘portraits’.

First, I am delighted to show three of my favourite images here which were taken by Joe B all the way back in January(!). He was going (as you can probably tell) for a sort of ‘Hollywood’ feel to these, and it was really cool to see what he was able to achieve, especially as the studio technology was playing up a bit and it all became a bit of a challenge, skilfully worked around in the end with some striking results:69694-a1515186953714 (1)

69694-a1515226446728(I feel the need to point out this is most definitely faux fur!)


Then, below, we have a portraiture medley from David Bailey, who is always lovely to work with and has comprehensively photographed the floofiness of my hair in various stages of (dis)hevellment; some feature a mermaid crown gifted to me by talented designer Jules, of ‘Flower Crown Magic’.

While I’ve still got your attention, thank you so much for following this blog, contacting me and sharing my work. I wish you all a wonderfully happy transition into 2019! X

Copy of 20948-a1520726677356annaemily-1220948-a152308235956020948-a152083669956120948-a152083463334020948-a152075555066620948-a1520727892865ellarose2-17ellarose2-9ellarose2-6ellarose2-5ellarose2-2ellarose2-3ella (3)ella-77 (1)ella-62ella-42ella-41--ella-35ella-31 (1)ella-16 (2)ella-9--ella-7 (2)ella-5 (1)ella-5ella-2 (1)ella-1 1ella- 8ella- 6Copy of ellarose2-7

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