Byron Light

Cam Attree has got to be one of the most amazing photographers I’ve worked with and I’ve been lucky enough to have done so multiple times over the years – he points to a bit of driftwood, says he reckons it could look good and five seconds later he’s made magic. Typical. It’s partly down to waiting for the light to be perfect, of course.

These are from a very quick session at a beautiful beach in Byron, Australia, taken at the end of last year.

Ella & Chey 20181104-0047Ella & Chey 20181104-0065Ella & Chey 20181104-0122Ella & Chey 20181104-0082Ella & Chey 20181104-1161Ella & Chey 20181104-0242Ella & Chey 20181104-0205Ella & Chey 20181104-0262Ella & Chey 20181104-0252Ella & Chey 20181104-0863Ella & Chey 20181104-0856 (1)Ella & Chey 20181104-0920 (2)Ella & Chey 20181104-0911Ella & Chey 20181104-1046Ella & Chey 20181104-1028Ella & Chey 20181104-1219Ella & Chey 20181104-1117Ella & Chey 20181104-1271

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