Spirit of Ecstasy

Hope everyone had wonderful Easters! I’m busier than ever, though reminding myself to rein it in where I can; aside from modelling when I can (which would be enough to keep one person busy), I’m darting about running my handmade business, writing my novel and am soon to be working with literacy projects in my local homeless centre. Then there’s choir, dance classes, running, doing courses, seeing friends and holding their new babies… I definitely overschedule myself, but what’s new?

There is no rhyme or reason to my blog posts anymore; I post images here quite at random (and with a backlog of image to share which is easily in the 1000s) but with the same gratitude as ever to the photographers/artists who allow me to share their work.
…My email newsletters are just as random/infrequent, but with added thoughts, chat and updates on upcoming events/travel.

The following images were taken at Big Shot Studio, one of my favourite studios, by Ken Benoit (instagram):

Ella Rose 2018-07-01-19-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-40-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-49-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-50-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-73-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-95-X3Ella Rose 2018-07-01-97-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-140-X2Ella Rose 2018-07-01-147-X3Ella Rose 2018-07-01-148-X2

….And as a bonus, I also really love this image John Marshall took of me the same day:

Lie Back 12 B&W a sm

And a bit of a red theme, with an homage to ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.

Lady in Red 4aSpirit of Ecstacy 5a (1)

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