Sun, bedazzle me!

A very early start, a hilarious photographer, some incredible waves that we were able to witness crashing and swirling and having a Poseidonic fit of hydro-power… Here are some images taken recently in New South Wales by Tim Bradshaw. I’ll be down under again soon enough thankfully (here there and everywhere); my last trip was far too short and rushed!!

ERW a(11 of 134)ERW a(31 of 134)ERW a(23 of 134)ERW a(38 of 134)ERW a(58 of 134)ERW a(60 of 134)ERW a(73 of 134)ERW a(77 of 134)ERW a(88 of 134)ERW a(115 of 134)ERW a(124 of 134)

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